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Mikayla McVey writes acid cowgirl music from the beating, blistered, blissed out heart of the West. Born in Virginia and raised up in the holy golden Northern California hills, McVey has made homes in rural South America, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and the 35ft cavern of a 1986 International School bus named Splendor. Music is always home and probably her best hope for giving beauty back to the world.


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On Naming

Time Turns Everything is the first full-length LP from Mikayla McVey and her second studio collaboration with producer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, & deep space explorer James Wallace aka Skyway Man. Released by Long Road Society in February 2022; you can buy the record here

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Holy Golden is 6 songs of love, moon landings, and the blissed out state of California - warm and thwapy, like it was meant to be when recorded to tape. You can buy the EP on vinyl here.

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out of mind

DESERT COMPANION is a limited release live tape recorded at Long Road Studios in Oakland, CA in 2019. The tape is currently sold out but you can buy the digital album on Bandcamp.


by Mikayla McVey


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