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Growing up in the Ozarks, Levi Thomas was exposed to the music that shaped him via hand-dubbed cassettes from family and friends and developed an eclectic range of influences at an early age. He spent his teens and early twenties finding his voice among the thriving DIY scene of the Midwest and South, and was eventually lured to Oakland, California. He found his people quickly, and released two albums featuring a host of talented Bay Area musicians and engineers (2017's loner-mystic-inspired "Billie" and 2020's psych-rocker “Big Sky”). His album, "Shasta" (May 2023), is his first LRS release and was recorded in deep collaboration at the Sundog Studios outpost in Big Sur, CA.


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Dog Star

Levi's latest album, "Shasta" was released on The Long Road Society in May 2023. You can order the LP at our online store or stream the singles on the following channels:


"The Fear" by Levi Thomas

Directed by Brook Linder


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